Where Do You Want To Go? 5

Somewhere … Nowhere … Anywhere

Have you thought about where you want to go? Or maybe we should talk about why you want to go? Maybe you just like the idea of ‘freedom’? Could it be that you’ve begun to embrace the RV lifestyle because of the freedom?

Going … ‘away’ … might just mean ‘freedom’. Well, you’re not alone, it’s one of the big reasons why some folks choose full-time RVing.

No more being tied the the house. No more mowing the lawn, and tending the landscaping and the weeds, and a dozen other home maintenance duties. Less housework inside the house, it’s a smaller space to maintain.

With less maintenance work all around, there’s more time for living, being, doing. Mostly there’s more time for joy. RVers are a pretty happy bunch overall.

We’re glad you’ve decided to join the club. Welcome … it’s a whole lotta fun!

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Before creating this RV website & playground, Beth previously worked as a manufacturer's rep for the commercial playground industry and as a mortgage broker in the Sunshine State of Florida. You can connect with her and other RV enthusiasts at The RV Life ... www.The-RV-Life.com.

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