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    The RV Life Connector Forum was established so that that county by county, RV enthusiasts can connect with others in their local cities and towns, and counties.

    It’s a place to meet, share ideas, plans, and family fun.

    Taking the RV out for trip doesn’t mean you have to go cross-country, a weekender at your county parks & recreation department’s campgrounds or the local KOA or any other local campground in your area, could be just what doctor ordered.

    Explore the concept of local camping, get out there, “find your away” even if it’s in your backyard!

    Beyond this humble incubator Forum, nationwide, state-wide, province-wide, county-wide … RVers and campers can form groups via the website known as, it’s a great way to formalize a county-wide group of local RVing & camping enthusiasts, and keep everybody up to date on current events for your local group.



    1. When creating a new ‘topic’ for this Forum, set them up by county & state. For example in the US, that would be Broward County, Florida, USA, and for Canada, that would be Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and so forth.

    2. When persons in your county determine there is enough interest, we recommend forming a group on, it’s free to join and after six months, the fee to maintain the group is very affordable. Someone will need to act as the leader and maintain the group, but that can be a shared task, and monetary contributions to the group’s maintenance are easily integrated into the system. It’s easy and fun to use.

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